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Friday, March 2, 2012

Battlefield Aftershock Pulled

Battlefield aftershock was pulled from the app store last week after a flurry of complaints about the game,
So EA went and pulled the game from the appstore. Now they say it wont be coming back. Project Dead.
So i guess EA is back to making freemium zynga type games. All hopes is that mass effect infiltrator that is set to release very soon, will put EA in a good light again.


  1. EA removed the app so they can fix the server issues. Like the survival mode campaign, more weapons and maps, etc.

    Who said they removed it and was never coming back again?

  2. It's the same person who made this comment. This is a disappointment! I waited nearly 6 months for this game.

    At least there's Mass Effect Infiltrator



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