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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Max Payne iOS Coming Soon

Rockstar Games has another mobile game up their sleeves. Today they confirmed during a community question-and-answer session that they plan to release a remake of the first Max Payne soon. 

"Yes – following the release of Grand Theft Auto III for iOS (and Android devices) late last year, the original Max Payne will be our next release for mobile devices," said the developer. "We will have an official announcement soon confirming the release date, but you can expect it to finally be released sometime in the next couple months." 

The fan question asked specifically about iOS so you're in luck if you own an Apple device. As Rockstar notes, though, they also released GTA III on Android phones and tablets so it's reasonable to expect the game on those platforms as well. 

The difference between GTA III and Max Payne is that Rockstar didn't actually develop the latter. The company who originally made Payne, Remedy Entertainment, sold the franchise rights to Rockstar in 2002. The two studios enjoy a close relationship to this day. 

"Remedy are great long-time friends of ours - they may be an external development studio not part of the internal Rockstar system, but we’ve always loved what they create, and their passion for games, and feel a certain kinship in that they are a studio not afraid of creating original and unique story-driven game experiences very different from the norm." 

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